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2019 WBR Mobile Insights Report

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How New Tech is Creating Seamless Mobile Shopping Experiences
In-store experiences are ones that many consumers long for but don’t have the time to commit to. Brands, on the other hand, struggle to provide the same in-store experiences on our mobile devices. The solution?
Investment in new technology.
With mobile shopping on the rise, brands seeking ways to boost their commerce should look to the importance of updating their digital presence. By focusing on the improvements of mobile-specific experiences, brands can provide a seamless mobile experience!
Explore the latest WBR Mobile Insights Report to discover: 
  • How the implementation of the newest technologies can help replicate a physical store presence 
  • The impact of the mobile market on sales and which technologies will lead to instant customer satisfaction
  • Top tier mobile commerce solutions that allow mobile shoppers to gain benefits formerly only existing within the brick-and-mortar retail experience
  • Critical factors executives believe will contribute to the most gratifying mobile shopping experience