Email + Mobile Messaging

June 6, 2018

How digital marketers are redefining customer engagement and lifetime value

Email is still a preferred communication method among consumers, but how do brands keep improving open rates and enticing customers to purchase? Through mobile marketing of course!

Our customers have seen incredible results with acquisition campaigns through the use of mobile messaging strategies such as mobile wallet offers and coupons, and digital loyalty program member enrollment. The possibilities are endless and when you integrate mobile into your existing email marketing strategy, you will see amazing results that impact your bottom line.

Download our latest eBook to discover:

•  The benefits of extending the reach of your email campaigns to create multichannel  experiences your customers crave

•  How to pair email with powerful mobile channels such as, i.e. mobile wallet and SMS

•  Step-by-step instructions for how your digital marketing team can leverage impactful mobile messaging strategies in emails


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