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Get Ready to Activate Marketing Campaigns with Mobile Wallets

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Mobile wallets are slowly, but surely getting traction in Europe and the US. By 2020, Forrester expects mobile wallet adoption rates to double. Advanced marketers have started to leverage mobile wallet to combine promotions and loyalty programs to support their marketing campaigns.

Vibes is excited to share this June 2018 Forrester Research report so you can learn how marketers are using mobile wallets to help them reduce marketing costs, acquire new customers, improve retention and generate significant in-store conversion rates.

Download this Forrester report so you can:

  • Identify specific promotion and loyalty strategies that can help you engage consumers through mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Google Pay

  • Find out how brands like Coca-Cola, DFS, P&G, and Uniqlo are getting ahead by using advanced mobile wallet features, such as augmented reality (AR) coupons

  • Learn how new features like Vibes’ Automatic Loyalty Enrollment simplifies customer enrollment and onboarding

“New features like Vibes' Automatic Loyalty Enrollment simplifies customer enrollment and onboarding. Consumers receive a notification to enroll in a rewards program immediately after they pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay; they can also receive a wallet smart link via email, SMS, or notification to automatically add their loyalty card to their wallet.”

By Thomas Husson
With Brigitte Majewski, Xiaofeng Wang, Jacob Morgan, Brendan Miller, Miriam Oesterreich, and Rachel Birrell

Forrester Research