Mobile Loyalty Guide

April 22, 2018

Digitize Your Plastic Loyalty Cards
Why not make it easier to connect and reward your customers in a personal and dynamic way? Mobilize your loyalty program and create experiences users love.

Ditch the plastic cards to not only save you on the manufacturing costs (over 90% savings), but also avoid the entire cycle of irrelevant and untimely offers. In turn, consumers will take a more active role in the programs they join.

This can lead to more in-store visits and a better brand experience for customers. Overall, digital wallet content promotes acquisition, retention and engagement – and adds to a customer’s lifetime value to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Why mobilize your loyalty program?


  • Convenience
  • Timely reminders (expiring points)
  • Location triggers


  • Great way to engage loyalty members
  • Ability to update points in real-time
  • Low cost location-based marketing
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