2017 UK Mobile Consumer Report

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2017 UK Mobile Consumer Report | 2 We are a leader in mobile engagement automation. Paired with the best and brightest minds in mobile marketing, our one-of-a-kind platform helps brands connect with their consumers through SMS, mobile wallet, and more. About Vibes A f e w w o r d s Vibes is the brainchild of two lifelong friends, who, over nearly 20 years, have grown the company from a two-man operation to a 150-person enterprise. Even before text messaging was introduced to the market, we helped brands across the US and Canada engage with their consumers and raise revenue through mobile. As technology has evolved, so have we. Now, with funding from our strategic partner, Syniverse, we are expanding to bring our cutting-edge mobile technology and expertise to the UK. See what we found from a recent survey about US and UK mobile habits. Then, get in touch if you want to learn more about what Vibes can do to leverage these habits for your brand. " I t 's n o t a b o u t a d v e r t i s i n g ; i t 's a b o u t h o w y o u e n g a g e s o m e o n e i n t h e m o s t i n t i m a t e, p o w e r f u l w a y — a n d t h a t 's b y w e a v i n g p e r s o n a l i z e d e x p e r i e n c e s i n t o a c o n s u m e r 's e v e r y d a y l i f e." J a c k P h i l b i n , C o - Fo u n d e r & C E O

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