New to Mobile

November 9, 2018

1. Mobile Database Definitions & Key Terms

  SMS    Stands for short message service, or simply, a text message

  MMS    Stands for multimedia message service; content can include visuals, audio, video, GIFs


a campaign set up in Vibes Platform to opt people into a list:

  • List:  A database of mobile numbers that have previously agreed to receive messages from your brand
  • CTA:  Call-to-action, in this case we are discussing CTAs for acquiring subscribers into a recurring text message program or list. Can be placed in store, online, on social media, in emails etc.
  • Shortcode  A five or six digit code associated with a certain brand or company; this is the number from which you will receive a text message
  • Keyword:  A unique word or code that a user texts to your shortcode in order to request entry to your marketing list
  • Subscription Prompt   A follow up message sent via shortcode that asks a user to confirm subscription to your list
  • Reply Y:  Confirmation from the participant that they would like to receive messages from the mobile program
  • Welcome Message:  Initial message sent via shortcode with program details  
  • Initial Message:  optional message sent via shortcode simultaneously to welcome message. Often including an offer. (example figure 1)
  • Already Subscribed Message: if a user is already opted into a list and interacts with an acquisition campaign tied to the same list, the user will receive this message (example figure 2)

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Subscription prompt example: BRAND: Reply Y to receive autodialed marketing message to this number. Msg & data rates may apply. T&Cs:

Welcome message: BRAND: Thank you for joining Mobile Alerts! Great coupons & deals coming soon. Recurring msgs/mo. Txt HELP for info, STOP to quit. Msg&Data rates may apply.


BROADCAST: SMS or MMS message sent out to list(s)

  Creating A CTA  

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Launching a New SMS Campaign

  1. Keyword(s)
  2. Call to action drafts (email, social, signage)
  3. Compliance review
  4. Printing/creation of CTA’s
  5. Confirmed flow
  6. Finalized acquisition copy
  7. Finalized default messaging
  8. Creation/updating mobile T&Cs
  9. Creation of initial campaign
  10. Batch files / API / UAT