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New to Mobile

Welcome! And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As a leader in the mobile industry, we are excited to share key terms, definitions and How To’s that you will want in order to create a successful, engaging, and powerful mobile acquisition program.

Mobile Acquisition Key Terms

SMS: Stands for short message service, or simply, a text message

MMS: Stands for multimedia message service; content can include visuals, audio, video, GIFs

Acquisition Campaign: campaign set up in Vibes Platform to opt people into a list

List: A database of mobile numbers that have previously agreed to receive messages from your brand

CTA: Call-to-action, in this case we are discussing CTAs for acquiring subscribers into a recurring text message program or list. Can be placed in store, online, on social media, in emails etc.

Broadcast: SMS or MMS message sent out to list(s)

Shortcode: A five or six digit code associated with a certain brand or company; this is the number from which you will receive a text message.

Keyword: A unique word or code that a user texts to your shortcode in order to request entry to your list.

Opt-In Prompt: A follow up message sent via shortcode that asks a user to confirm subscription to your list

Reply Y: Confirmation from the participant that they would like to receive messages from the mobile program

Welcome Message: Message sent via shortcode confirming subscription to the program.

Initial Message: optional message sent via shortcode simultaneously to welcome message. Often including an offer (with ability to use unique or static code)

Already Subscribed Message: if a user is already opted into a list and interacts with an acquisition campaign tied to the same list, the user will receive this message

Recommended Call-to-action Best Practices

A CTA (call-to-action) is necessary in order to promote your mobile program. The CTA should signal to the customer how to join your program and the benefits for doing so. Whether you place your mobile program CTAs in an email, in-store, on social, or any other marketing channel, we want to arm you with the information to create the most effective CTAs in market.

  1. Have a clear value proposition and CTA that aligns with your target audience

  2. Have a clear direction on how to opt-in—keep it simple! Utilize unique keywords to track opt-ins by channel. Place in store, in email, in direct mail, on social media and any other customer facing marketing collateral

  3. Ensure program is TCPA and CTIA compliant—include proper disclaimers

  4. Always incentivize for signing up

  5. Make the keyword and shortcode stand out

Checklist: Launching a New SMS Campaign

Gearing up to launch a new mobile program? Trying to figure out what launch collateral you need Look no further. We have created a thorough checklist to help make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps for a successful mobile program launch.

  • Confirm keyword(s)

  • Draft call-to-actions (email, social, in-store)

  • Create/update mobile T&Cs

  • Mobile compliance review

  • Create/print CTA’s

  • Confirm user flow

  • Finalize acquisition copy

  • Finalize default messaging (help, stop, unrecognized message)

  • Create initial campaign in Vibes Platform

  • Upload incentive codes via incentive *codes* via incentive pool (if applicable)

  • Test/complete QA

  • Launch!

Want Some More Insight?

Watch our CTA Best Practices Webinar, where we will cover:

  • The dos and don’ts of CTAs—no matter the medium
  • Examples of high-converting digital CTAs in email, web and social
  • The types of in-store and print CTAs that are true revenue drivers for leading brand
  • The ways you can incorporate mobile wallet CTAs into your email strategy
  • The steps to ensure your mobile CTAs are compliant