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Integration Support and Expertise

At Vibes, we want to provide our customers the ability to easily allow data flow between their software and ours. Integrating your systems directly with The Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform provides a solution that not only creates a holistic view of consumer shopping behaviors, but ultimately maximizes the value of your technology investment.

The Challenge

To some, the word ‘integration’ comes with the reputation of being cumbersome, complicated and potentially lengthy. And depending on the nature of the integration, and the level of expertise involved, involvement from both the customer and vendor is needed.

Our Solution

Vibes provides customers the ability to share data from Vibes to you — or to you from Vibes — by using methods that meet your organization’s needs. Whether it’s leveraging our open APIs, setting up a batch process or deeper real-time integration, our team of seasoned technologists can help you get to market fast with the data you need.

Our Approach to Integrations

Batch process

Simplest form of integration, lowest barrier to entry




Effort Share Customer/Partner


Effort Share Vibes

Why batch process
  • Most enterprise applications have built-in ways to export data as a file
  • Low-to-no cost development effort on your part
  • Quickly brought online, and can be leveraged to perform almost any operation available via real-time APIs

How we help

  • Our platform has existing processes to consume files and take actions, such as sending messages
  • Our team is highly skilled and experienced in consuming files across virtually any format
  • We use those files to perform any number of complicated tasks to enhance your ability to leverage our platform and your enterprise application

Real-time integrations

Most complete form of integration, high business value




Effort Share Customer/Partner


Effort Share Vibes

Why real-time integration

  • Requires more significant development effort, but results in a closer, coordinated business partnership
  • Your internal systems can instruct the Vibes platform to take actions based on business needs and logic defined within your organization’s software, programs and platforms

How we help

  • Vibes provides public APIs which allow customers to interact with our platform in an ondemand, automated fashion
  • Common use cases include: Triggering timely transactional messaging, updating mobile wallet loyalty point balances, POS redemption on mobile and more