How to Find Marketing Harmony with Mobile

February 12, 2021 Vibes Marketing

SMS, MMS, Wallet, Push, App Inbox – there’s no shortage of mobile channels for brands to utilize nowadays. Which is the single best channel for brands to use? In short, all of them. Before getting overwhelmed, let’s walk through mobile channel orchestration to show how multiple channels work in harmony produce the best results.

 A successful marketing campaign incorporates channels that drive reach and engagement. Email notably has the highest reach, but typically the lowest engagement rates. Push and App Inbox, on the other hand, have the lowest reach, but highest engagement. To bridge the gap, marketers should leverage SMS, MMS, and Mobile Wallet to capture all audiences across reach and engagement levels.


In addition to full audience capture, a holistic mobile marketing stack personalizes the consumer journey. By leveraging all channels within one platform, marketers can track interaction and behavior across multiple channels, identifying key insights for future targeting. Data collection is invaluable to a mobile program and more channels create deeper opportunities to get to know consumers better. Through these consumer journeys, personalization further develops brand loyalty, driving a brand's engagement and ROI higher. 

Most importantly, a multichannel approach allows marketers to connect with consumers wherever they are. In a hyper-connected, on-demand world, consumers want to hear from their favorite brands – when, where, and how they choose. With a variety of mobile channels, marketers can expertly reach consumers at key times to influence purchase behavior. For example, a smart marketer would send burger-loving subscribers a timely MMS message featuring a delicious burger with a wallet offer to use at lunch. Using a wallet loyalty card, consumers can enjoy a burger and earn loyalty points. App Inbox and Push notifications can inform consumers of increased loyalty tiers and new rewards. On-demand, in their pocket, wherever they go - it’s a marketer’s dream.

Whether using all or a few mobile channels, ensuring harmony across the mobile marketing stack is key. Avoid sending the same generic messages across channels, and instead, opt for personalized and relevant messages. Confirm opt-in for each channel and do not assume consent for one channel applies to all channels. Lastly, remember the power mobile has on your business and revenue. In 2020, Vibes customers experienced an average of 74:1 ROI. A personal, harmonious approach to mobile wins out in the end.

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