Vibes Announces Platform Advances to Support Richer Messaging Content

September 26, 2018

Updated platform better enables marketers to reach customers through personalized messaging and interactive multimedia content, leading to a more engaging user experience 

CHICAGO — September 27, 2018 — Vibes, a mobile marketing leader, today announced upgrades to its Mobile Engagement Platform to support the shift toward visual, conversational mobile interactions among consumers. Vibes’ Mobile Engagement Platform enables marketers to connect with customers in a way that’s friendlier and familiar by optimizing their mobile journey through multiple channels.

Multiple offerings within the Vibes Platform have been upgraded, including: 

  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Consumers are more likely to engage with richer multimedia content like photos, GIFs, and videos. In fact, data shows that MMS provides ten times more of a return on investment than email for redemptions and purchases when used in retail. With the today's update to Vibes’ MMS offering, marketers can entice customers to take action like visit a website, or download a mobile wallet offer.   
  • Rich Push Notifications: Enhanced push notifications that now support the rich content supported by MMS, helps keep customers engaged with the app.  
  • Mobile Wallet Campaign Templates: Through years of best practices and close ties with Apple Wallet and Google Pay, Vibes now offers customizable templates that lets marketers easily create branded campaigns that engage loyal customers. 
  • Advanced Analytics: Building on the success of Advanced Analytics, the product has new machine learning capabilities leveraging natural language processing (NLP) to enable brands to better understand customer conversations on mobile channels. In addition, brands can access Industry Benchmarks, which provides comparisons against industry competitors to inform future campaign strategy.  

“Consumers are interacting with each other using rich multimedia content all the time, and marketers are responding by leveraging MMS in their engagement strategies,” said Brian Garofola, chief technology officer at Vibes. “As the next generation messaging protocol, RCS, continues be rolled out by the major carriers, consumers will be able to interact with their favorite brands and make purchases all through their mobile devices’ messaging platforms, opening the door for true conversational marketing.” 

The recent upgrades to Vibes’ Mobile Engagement Platform are built upon an adaptive analytics framework, helping marketers measure, benchmark and analyze campaigns and subscribers. Using these solutions allow marketers to collect data-driven insights across multichannel mobile campaigns to prove ROI and inform future mobile marketing strategies. 

“The holy grail for mobile marketers has long been attribution, meaning: are we creating interactions that actually convert to revenue?” commented Jack Philbin, co-founder and CEO at Vibes. “As a mobile-first company providing access to campaign management, personalization tools, and advanced analytics, Vibes is one of the few companies that allows mobile marketers to make that connection. We are proud to lead the charge in mobile engagement and conversational marketing – connecting people to the brands they love.” 

To learn how the Vibes Mobile Engagement platform helps mobile marketers connect with their customers, visit  

About Vibes 

Vibes enables marketers to deliver compelling and profitable mobile engagement conversations. The Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform lets marketers easily manage all mobile communication channels including text messaging, push notifications, Apple Wallet, Google Pay, messaging apps, and mobile web campaigns — all through a single interface. Vibes’ customers include Chipotle, Discover, Lane Bryant, PetSmart, and Allstate. To learn more about Vibes, visit



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