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Vibes Launches Mobile Wallet as a Channel to Deliver Dynamic Experiences Through a Persistent Presence on Consumers’ Mobile Devices

Vibes’ Mobile Wallet as a Channel turns consumers’ smartphones into a content channel that drives topline growth, increases loyalty, and improves customer satisfaction

CHICAGO, Dec. 15, 2021Vibes, the technology leader powering seamless mobile brand experiences across the consumer journey, today announced the launch of Mobile Wallet as a Channel, the next level of innovation of its already market-leading dynamic mobile wallet solution. Mobile Wallet as a Channel revolutionizes how brands use native mobile wallet apps, Apple Wallet and Google Pay, on consumers’ mobile devices to deliver persistent, personalized and dynamic mobile experiences for marketing, loyalty and servicing.

Mobile wallet usage, to date, has been predominantly driven by mobile payments, which is expected to reach $12.1T by 2027, according to Allied Market Research. However, mobile wallet use cases extend beyond digital credit cards for payments and give brands across industries the opportunity to capitalize on this shift in behavior. Brands can digitize coupons, loyalty cards, gift cards, insurance cards, room keys, tickets, appointment reminders and other items in consumers’ physical wallets in the form of mobile wallet passes.

With this launch, Vibes enables marketing, loyalty and operations teams to accelerate adoption of mobile passes and take advantage of this untapped opportunity. Vibes’ Mobile Wallet as a Channel turns consumers’ mobile wallets into a persistent, dynamic, and personalized content channel that drives topline growth, increases loyalty and improves customer satisfaction. The company is rolling out new capabilities and playbooks to help brands easily take advantage of this emerging channel by incorporating it into their mobile engagement programs and enhancing their mobile app strategies.

“Mobile Wallet creates a two-way vehicle through which brands can forge a consistent, personal connection with consumers,” said Vibes co-founder and CIO Alex Campbell. “Once a consumer downloads a mobile pass from a brand, marketers have a new and lasting way to personally connect with them, such as delivering customized offers and building an interactive loyalty relationship. Vibes is leaning heavily into this mobile channel because it offers the brands we work with a more experiential, visual and convenient way to engage that their customers really value.”

Mobile passes feature a variety of solutions for marketers to engage consumers, as they:

  • Are persistently ‘on’ and present in devices that people carry everywhere
  • Are dynamic, enabling brands to update passes in real time — such as the change in value of a gift card after purchase
  • Allow for brands to send alerts and push timely, relevant, personalized content to consumers
  • Enable easy attribution of marketing and loyalty programs, both online and in-person to better understand overall ROI
  • Take advantage of mobile devices’ inherent functionality, such as geolocation, to allow for highly personalized, relevant and timely messages

As part of this launch, Vibes has introduced the ability for partners to send automated messages via mobile wallets, such as payment notification reminders, to a phone’s lock screen — giving brands access to highly valuable real estate even if the consumer has yet to download the brand’s app. In addition, Vibes is rolling out Dynamic Strip Images, allowing a brand to automatically update mobile passes, in cases such as a change in a consumer’s loyalty membership level, or to highlight specific products or offers.

Vibes has been a leader in mobile wallet for the past decade, providing innovation, such as, the delivery of mobile wallet passes through protected personalized Secure SmartLinks. SmartLinks enable the distribution of mobile passes to mobile devices through any medium, from email to QR codes to Facebook ads. Secure SmartLinks are device-aware, encrypted, and digitally signed, significantly mitigating the risk of tampering and fraud.

Vibes’ mobile expertise provides brands the playbooks to easily integrate mobile wallet into their email, text and mobile app strategies, enhancing those channels and creating engaging mobile experiences. For example, brands can use mobile wallet with their existing mobile subscribers and messaging efforts to drive more people to install mobile wallet passes, reward customers for signing up for text, or drive mobile app downloads.

“Vibes has been a leader in Mobile Wallet since the days of the Apple Passbook, and we’ve learned that it can dramatically enhance a brand’s business and completely reshape how they connect with consumers,” said Campbell. “We’re seeing very strong usage and over time, the combination of native mobile channels will help marketers drive conversion, accumulate customer insights and ultimately increase lifetime value.”


About Vibes

Vibes helps brands like Ralph Lauren, Dollar General, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Redbox, Chipotle, Sephora, and LEGO to grow, activate, and optimize consumer relationships with timely, relevant, high volume mobile messaging at global scale. The company’s intelligent mobile messaging platform enables marketers and consumer loyalty professionals to connect with consumers using a unified native platform of SMS, MMS, dynamic wallet, mobile push notifications, app inbox and performance analytics, to become the backbone for these brands’ overall digital engagement strategies. Gartner recognized Vibes as a Leader in its 2019 and 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms.