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Vibes Unveils Conversational Analytics, the Industry's First Natural Language Processing Solution

New AI analytics solution enables brands to extract actionable consumer insights   

CHICAGOFebruary 20, 2019 - Vibes, a mobile marketing leader, today announced Conversational Analytics, the industry’s first Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution. Conversational Analytics further enables the Vibes Platform to extract deep consumer insights from the unstructured messaging content in its high volume of data and messages. The solution is a new capability within Vibes Advanced Analytics which together will help marketers see which mobile experiences provide meaningful connections with consumers through rich and statistically significant insights. Conversational Analytics and Advanced Analytics are both solutions within the new Vibes AI-Driven Marketing Suite which provides intelligent mobile messaging at scale.  

Conversational Analytics enables brands to better analyze their conversations with consumers, to improve personalization and targeting, and to respond with relevant messages that drive positive business outcomes. Vibes works with some of the world’s most mobile-savvy brands including Chipotle, PetSmart and Redbox.  

“We power messages for more than 200 consumer brands and have done so for the past 20 years, so it was imperative to build NLP capabilities into our Advanced Analytics product to further inform marketers about the consumer journey. With the artificial intelligence explosion and marketers hungry for AI capabilities and data that work for them, we are proud to deliver this solution and help guide brands to make informed marketing decisions,” said Brian Garofola, CTO at Vibes. “Our AI-driven marketing suite enables marketers to manage customer journeys from start to finish in a highly visual and intuitive way.”  

Conversational Analytics is powered by Amazon Comprehend and uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in the messaging content exchanged between brands and consumers. The solution gives marketers a more comprehensive view of the customer purchasing journey with actionable insights into the following: 

  • Views into customer sentiment that can be used to improve personalization and targeting 

  • Key phrase detection and topic modeling to identify what information customers are looking for 

  • Insight into performance analysis by location, segment and industry benchmarks  

  • Suggestions within campaign creation workflows based on predictive trends from past performances 

Vibes’ approach to AI-driven marketing is built on the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform, which enables brands to create personalized mobile engagement campaigns across marketing channels at scale. Vibes Advanced Analytics was launched in 2018 and marked the first time marketers had enough data-driven insights across multichannel mobile campaigns to prove ROI and inform future strategies. The integration of NLP will help further inform marketers’ decisions by providing deeper consumer insights.  

For more details on Conversational Analytics or Vibes AI-Driven Marketing, visit here 


About Vibes 

Vibes enables marketers to deliver compelling and profitable mobile engagement conversations. The Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform lets marketers easily manage all mobile communication channels including text messaging, push notifications, Apple Wallet, Google Pay, messaging apps, and mobile web campaigns — all through a single interface. With a world-class NPS score of +75, Vibes is a customer-first company, serving brands such as Chipotle, Discover, Lane Bryant, PetSmart, and Allstate. To learn more about Vibes, visit