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How QSRs Can Foster Loyalty

After a year like 2020, mobile ordering has become a preferred option for many consumers eating from their favorite quick service and fast food restaurants. Taco Bell saw an average of 30% more spend per order on mobile versus in-store sales, and Chick-fil-A's mobile orders now account for almost 20% of its business.

Since quick service and fast food consumers make their dining decisions on the go, mobile engagement is the perfect opportunity for brands to interact with consumers on their most personal device. However, busy consumers only pay attention to mobile programs that maximize their experience and offer valuable incentives. So how do you stand out in a crowded restaurant app space?

To bridge the engagement gap, brands need to delve further into creating innovative, timely and relevant mobile experiences that drive personal engagement.

Deliver personalized messaging
Personal and relevant messaging is key when it comes to consumer engagement on mobile. This can look like:

  • Using a customer's personal information, like their name, in the content of a message.
  • Targeted promotions based on the customer's personal taste, such as preferred meals, usual time of visit and frequent add-ons.
  • Real-time point balances on a mobile wallet loyalty card.
  • Interactive punch cards rewarding consumers for their continued loyalty.

Every single mobile engagement, whether it is a simple order notification, or a complex interactive gaming experience, is a critical touchpoint with the brand, and must be calculated. By connecting with customers on their mobile devices, fast food restaurants can keep loyal consumers engaged outside of the restaurant, and outside of the transaction.

Increase speed of service
For fast food restaurants, customers are looking for ways to reduce their time spent in line or waiting for their order. Mobile engagement can improve speed of service by streamlining the checkout process though mobile payment and loyalty check-in. Mobile apps that provide additional capabilities beyond ordering ahead — such as remembering past orders so it's a one-click process — can help reduce friction and increase speed. Push notifications and SMS messages can proactively engage with customers to keep the brand top of mind.

As well, mobile wallet can safely secure a customer's billing and loyalty information, so they don't have to use their physical credit card or loyalty card. Even for customers who pay with cash, loyalty programs that use mobile wallet can still track individual interactions. All of these options work to achieve the same goal: make the entire buying process as easy and frictionless as possible.

Incentivize with engaging rewards
Restaurant mobile loyalty should be more than the one-sided transaction of exchanging purchases for points. It must be consistent, personalized and multichannel nurturing. In fact, 80% of restaurant goers visit new restaurants based on promotions or discounts, and 75% are more likely to make another purchase after receiving an incentive.

Customers want brands to help make the journey to their next meal shorter and engaging. They want to be rewarded in unique and innovative ways. Creating irresistible mobile messaging offers and customizing mobile moments that entice customers to participate can increase a loyalty program's value, and achieve a scalable loyalty structure that funnels in new users faster than competitors. Mobile engagement that is fun and on brand keeps consumers engaged even when they're not in the restaurant.

Create meaningful mobile experiences
After money and time are spent building a customer database, mobile engagement drives action. All brands want their share of loyalty, but it's up to their mobile engagement strategy to create value for their customers. With a strong mobile loyalty program utilizing mobile wallet, SMS, and MMS, brands can engage with customers through personalized, timely and relevant messaging to create brand intimacy and drive repeat purchases.

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