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Vibes is a Built In Top 100 Best Remote-First Company to Work for in 2022

Let’s face it, the pandemic changed the nature of work forever, forcing companies to not just join the remote work trend, but excel at providing a great experience for employees. With 36.2 million workers expected to work remotely by the year 2025 – an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels – companies have to maintain their company culture and get the experience for employees right or risk losing them over time.

That’s why we are incredibly proud that Vibes has been selected by Built In as one of the 100 Best Remote-First Companies to Work for in 2022. The award includes tech companies of all sizes from the U.S.’s eight biggest tech hubs: Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Austin and Colorado.

Making this year’s list further demonstrates the strength of Vibes’ culture and the commitment we have to our people across the world during these times. In 2020, we rapidly embraced the new normal of a remote work world and have thrived.

By providing our people a great work experience, whether in the office or not, that enables them to nurture connections with each other, our customers, and the company which has helped us reach new highs in the number of employees that see themselves working at Vibes for the foreseeable future in our semi-annual employee engagement survey. At the same time, Vibes has achieved record growth and business results these past two years.

Here are some highlights of what makes Vibes a top company to work and has led to our standout success.

Kept Work-Life Balance Top-of-Mind

Burn out is real. 22% of US employees find unplugging after work to be a major challenge. Well, given the fact that remote work merges your work and home environments, can you blame them?

At Vibes we value freedom and flexibility when it comes to work. While we are a fast-paced tech start-up, we focus company discussions and manager trainings on setting expectations and ensuring that our people focus on achieving a work-life balance that helps them to excel.

We empower our employees to manage their daily schedules in a way that enables them to have more time to spend with their loved ones, on their hobbies, or even just good ol’ relaxing. And as we’ve seen by our record results, happier, more balanced employees are successful.

Built the Good Vibes of a Strong Culture

A recent survey on remote work environments revealed that 19% of US employees feel the biggest downside of remote work is loneliness. We’ve counteracted this sentiment in a variety of ways by reimagining our culture for a world where gatherings and ceremonies may no longer happen in person.

We are very intentional about establishing more virtual events for our people to recognize successes and ensure we get to know each other. It starts even on a new hire’s first day with executive and team Social Hours and extends to our regular all-company celebrations.

We have reimagined the onboarding process with virtual trainings and education, as well as personal development training and other rituals that foster individual growth, while providing inclusive ways of communicating and collaborating.

The ongoing investment made by Vibes in this new normal truly has helped to build a togetherness and foster relationships among employees who may have never even met in person.

Made the Home Office a Company Expense, Not a Personal One

No company has a BYOD policy (bring your own desk, that is) for in-office work. So there is no reason for it to be any different at home.

According to a recent Procurify survey, some 32% of professionals say they had never worked from home prior to the pandemic, so how are they supposed to do their best work without the necessary resources at the home office?

At Vibes, we don’t put the cost on the employee to work-at-home, rather we invest in our people’s remote work environment just as we would an in-office environment. All Vibes employees are granted a stipend for home office equipment which can include office furniture and other essential office supplies, while also covering costs related to Internet and, of course, their mobile phone.

As the nature of work continues to evolve, Vibes will continue to embrace new strategies and listen to our employees to understand their changing needs. Our goal is to continue to provide them the environment and experience, whether at home or in an office, that leads to their success and happiness at Vibes. And always be a great place to work.

  Shaunagh Vollmer is Senior Vice President of Talent & Development at Vibes

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