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Episode 2: How the Pandemic Spurred Digital Marketing Transformation with Scott Brinker


Episode Details:

On this episode of The Vibe, Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, writer at the Chief Technologist blog, and chair of the MarTech conference, discusses the latest in the world of MarTech with host Liam Moroney.

The COVID pandemic profoundly altered marketing, even in ways that we weren't expecting, like reinvigorating the QR code and the rapid shift to remote work (which may operate more on a spectrum as things return to normal). Similarly, changes in data laws, third-party cookies, and first-party data are also rapidly shifting, but Scott Brinker is optimistic about where marketing will go.


About The Podcast:

The Vibe is a podcast for modern marketers looking to stay on the forefront of marketing and keep up with emerging technologies. In each episode host Liam Moroney offers cutting edge thought leadership on building omnichannel experiences consumers want and mobile-first brands that do it all. Through expert interviews, thought leadership discussions, and brand spotlights, listeners leave equipped with strategies, insights, and trending news to elevate their career and navigate the changing marketing world.


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