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Episode 3: The Importance and Value of Finding Community with Sam Jacobs

Episode Details: 

Online communities are everywhere and freely accessible these days, but is that a good thing? Founder of Pavillion, Sam Jacobs joins The Vibe host Liam Moroney to talk about where communities have been and why people demand more.

The prevalence of free content and access to the internet has created low expectations. As a result, people now turn to their peers to get feedback, especially about things that often happen behind closed doors. From company culture to salary to insight on software use and more, employees turn to paid communities today to look for more authentic experiences.

Employees engage with their employees differently and are also charting what their future looks like post-pandemic. Combine that with many other shifting aspects of the employment market, which means the world of work is in for continued shakeups. 

Tune in to this episode of The Vibe to hear more about what these changes mean for marketers, community members, and community leaders.


About The Podcast:

The Vibe is a podcast for modern marketers looking to stay on the forefront of marketing and keep up with emerging technologies. In each episode host Liam Moroney offers cutting edge thought leadership on building omnichannel experiences consumers want and mobile-first brands that do it all. Through expert interviews, thought leadership discussions, and brand spotlights, listeners leave equipped with strategies, insights, and trending news to elevate their career and navigate the changing marketing world.


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