Bring Your Loyalty Solution Into The Digital Age

May 30, 2018 Debora Grilo

Today’s digital customer expects more from your loyalty program than a plastic card and paper coupons. In fact, 72% of customers would be interested in saving their loyalty card to their phones. With Vibes you can optimize your existing mobile loyalty solution to make enrollment a snap, and give customers quick and easy access to your offers and coupons. By adding mobile to your existing strategy, you’ll increase redemption rates, conversion rates, and customer spend while gaining invaluable insight into customer behaviors and preferences. How? With SMS and Mobile Wallet with Automatic Loyalty Enrollment.

Frictionless enrollment

Vibes Automatic Loyalty Enrollment allows brands to leverage Mobile Wallet for both Apple and Android users to drive loyalty program sign-up instantly. Through a simple, one-tap at the POS, shoppers can begin and end the enrollment in seconds, resulting in a digital loyalty card connected to your loyalty system populated with real data from the users’ phone.

Real-time access and notifications

Members can access and track their loyalty points, member status and other important loyalty information in real time. And you gain the power to create an ongoing, two-way dialogue between your brand and customers through wallet notifications that make them feel rewarded and appreciated.

Loyalty Content Hub

The Vibes Loyalty Content Hub uses Mobile Wallet’s built-in organizer to find and organize all of your offers, rewards, loyalty information and other sales events. Customers reap the rewards of engaging with your brand without having to search through emails, text messages, and direct mail pieces to find what they want.

Program Attribution

Going digital with Vibes means you can close the loop on all of your offers and loyalty content, tracking redemption throughout the campaign.  And by combining it with Vibes Advanced Analytics, you can easily measure the impact of digital loyalty on revenue, whether in-store or online. On average we’ve found that Mobile Wallet boosts customer conversion rates by 65%.


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