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Email + Mobile Messaging

Supercharge Your Results with Email and Mobile Messaging

Combine email with mobile messaging to boost conversions and extend the reach of your email campaigns to the mobile generation – creating the essential multichannel digital experience.


Elevate Experiences with Email and Mobile Messaging

Have your email conversion and redemption rates plateaued? Email is still an incredibly powerful way to connect with your customers when combined with mobile messaging. You can significantly grow both your email and mobile databases, giving you additional avenues to engage with your customers. By extending the reach of your email campaigns to the mobile generation, you can create the essential multichannel digital experience your customers crave. How? Integrations with email platforms like Marketo using SMS and Mobile Wallet.


The Vibes Value

Connect mobile messaging with email

Customers now expect a personalized, multichannel brand experience. By combining email and mobile messaging,marketers can engage with customers across more touchpoints to deliver timely, relevant and valuable digital campaigns to increase email acquisition and conversion rates.

Trigger timely, personalized conversations

Messaging allows you to connect with customers at a pace that is much quicker than almost all other channels. In addition to email, triggering messages and campaigns right to a customer’s mobile device based on customer behaviors or location creates an engaging conversation that can positively impact your brand and revenue.

Double your email acquisition database with a mobile version

By augmenting your email database with a mobile opt-in database, you can double the ways to reach and engage your best customers. With mobile-driven insights into individual behaviors and preferences, you can create relevant and timely content and experiences, which in turn drives higher revenue and ROI for your marketing campaigns.

Email + Mobile Messaging

Step-by-step instructions for how your digital marketing team can leverage impactful mobile messaging strategies in emails.