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Maximize Your Brand's Potential with Mobile

Today’s generation demands a modern, digital brand experience. With Vibes, you can create engaging mobile-first campaigns, such as quizzes and gamification that excite, entertain and motivate customers, whether standing in line or touring your brand digitally. By increasing customer engagement, you’ll boost your brand growth and revenue. How? With SMS, Mobile Wallet, and Push.

Use mobile engagement to spur in-store purchases

Whether customers are waiting in line or need a reason to visit your locations, you can bring your brand’s mobile potential to life with engaging and fun mobile campaigns to drive long-term brand experiences. For example, text loyal customers a message to play a mobile game so they can win an in-store offer. Or engage in-store customers waiting in line with a mobile game.

Keep your brand top of mind

With mobile you can deliver continuous moments of value to your customer across their journey. Engage customers at the point-of-sale through a fun mobile reveals campaign that incentivizes them to stay in touch with your brand. Send a reminder through Wallet to a loyalty member that their points are about to expire. Or use SMS to send an offer that inspires a customer to walk into a store nearby. By using a multichannel strategy to engage with customers before, during and after a purchase, you will deepen the customer brand experience digitally and in-store to boost store traffic and sales.


Don’t have a mobile brand experience?
Get one.

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