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Mobilize Your Brand Post-Purchase

Mobilize Your Brand Post-Purchase

Send personalized, relevant messages throughout the customer journey: send promotion alerts, appointment reminders, shipment notifications, order status updates, and more.


Drive Additional Spend Loyalty with Post-Purchase Customer Engagement

To keep customers coming back for more, you need to engage with them throughout their journey. Whether it’s app engagement, delivering real-time service updates, offering promos for cart abandonment, or notifying when orders have shipped, mobile gives you the power to keep your customers up to date 24/7. Keeping your customers informed and engaged once they’ve committed to your brand will improve brand adoption and increase their lifetime value. How? With SMS.


The Vibes Value

Built for engagement

Execute marketing, servicing, and other engagement strategies leveraging triggers, real-time data, and segments that easily connect to your brands’ app or via text message.

Can manage enterprise scale

Through 20 years of experience with the largest enterprise brands, Vibes offers unrivaled throughput, reliability, and uptime for Push and SMS. Our system processes 8,000+ messages per second to ensure successful message delivery at scale 100% of the time.

Direct integration with carriers

Vibes is one of only four Tier-1 aggregators, which means you can send your SMS messages directly to over 65 telco carriers for unmatched reliability and throughput, two essential elements for any successful mobile messaging strategy.

Connects to overall mobile strategy

80% of consumers prefer to receive service-based messaging regarding basic information such as tracking. Vibes gives brands control over message content and logic combined with analytics for proper cross-channel optimization, so you can trigger relevant, time-sensitive service messaging that supports your overall mobile engagement strategy.

Building Loyalty On Mobile With Jack Philbin, CEO, Vibes

With omnichannel on the rise, the job of CMOs and their teams is only getting tougher -- especially when mastering mobile.