Webinar with Apple Pay: How Mobile is Changing Consumer Loyalty

May 10, 2018

Loyalty programs have always appealed to retailers, giving customers that extra nudge to spend more while increasing the potential for long-term brand loyalty. As the evolution of mobile progresses, however, consumers have found more and more ways to create always-on relationships with their favorite brands.

From digital wallets to email offers, marketers have to decide which digital tools will create a seamless customer shopping experience that increases sales.

In this webinar, Dave Baldwin, Apple Pay Specialist and Dave Panek, VP Product Marketing of Vibes explore the following topics:

  • How Apple Pay is revolutionizing how brands interact with consumers
  • How to identify loyal customers across different channels in the digital landscape
  • How marketers can increase loyalty through automatic loyalty enrollment

Dave Baldwin — Apple Pay | Apple

Results oriented business development, marketing and operations executive with start-up, high growth and turnaround experience within technology, telecommunications and retail industries.


Dave Panek — VP Product Marketing | Vibes

A marketing executive with 25+ years martech experience in building high-performing, progressive marketing organizations that can scale. Leads the go-to-market planning at Vibes aimed at driving focused, story-based content initiatives that uniquely engage mobile customers and prospects across the journey.

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