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Episode 1: Cookies Will Not Disappear Overnight, But We Should Prepare for the Cookieless Era with Jon Miller


Episode Details:

The digital world has opened many doors. It has allowed us to connect with people from all over the world and interact with them, whether personally or professionally. The scale is available to companies who want to promote their products or services. 

But let's face it, not every person is your ideal customer. So why waste time, money, and resources on an audience that's not interested in your offer. Instead, focus on those who can fit into your ideal customer profile. 

In this first episode of the Vibe podcast, host Liam Moroney chats with Jon Miller, the CMO at Demandbase. Jon is someone every marketer can learn from. According to Jon, 'Most marketing out there sucks pretty bad.' It sounds harsh, but Jon and Liam talk about how companies have a major opportunity right now to break through. 

In addition, Jon and Liam discuss the importance of first-party data and what changes companies should expect in the cookieless era. As Jon states, technology evolves, bringing many opportunities and challenges, and it is up to businesses to adapt without losing their core identity. 

The bottom line is, whether you are part of a B2B or B2C company, you are talking and engaging with human beings, so make sure a connection is meaningful. 


About The Podcast:

The Vibe is a podcast for modern marketers looking to stay on the forefront of marketing and keep up with emerging technologies. In each episode host Liam Moroney offers cutting edge thought leadership on building omnichannel experiences consumers want and mobile-first brands that do it all. Through expert interviews, thought leadership discussions, and brand spotlights, listeners leave equipped with strategies, insights, and trending news to elevate their career and navigate the changing marketing world.


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