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Episode 4: Delivering the Best Consumer Experience Post-purchase with David Parry

Episode Details:

Before COVID, shopping was an experience for customers. When everything shut down, people realized through necessity that getting purchases delivered to the home was more convenient and less stressful than going to the store. But, just like working remotely, people don't want to give it up now that life is going back to normal.

But this presents a new challenge for shop owners: how do you control the customer's brand experience if they never enter your store? During COVID, stores ramped up delivery capabilities through any means necessary, but now we're starting to see the flaws in strategies developed on the fly. So it's time to make the delivery part of the brand experience.

In the latest episode, The Vibe host Liam Moroney chats with David Parry, Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement and Advocacy for Bringg. They discuss how Bringg helps businesses take control of their brand from third-party delivery services that don't always act in their best interests.



About The Podcast:

The Vibe is a podcast for modern marketers looking to stay on the forefront of marketing and keep up with emerging technologies. In each episode host Liam Moroney offers cutting edge thought leadership on building omnichannel experiences consumers want and mobile-first brands that do it all. Through expert interviews, thought leadership discussions, and brand spotlights, listeners leave equipped with strategies, insights, and trending news to elevate their career and navigate the changing marketing world.


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