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Decoding Apple’s WWDC & What It Means for Mobile Marketing


The Apple Worldwide Development Conference 2021 recently wrapped up and there were several announcements and updates coming out of the conference with implications for mobile marketing. Join Vibes’ Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Alex Campbell and Chief Technology Officer Brian Garofalo, along with Vice President of Revenue Marketing Liam Moroney, to explore these implications and what marketers need to know.


0:45: Apple Pay and Apple Wallet Updates & What It Means for Marketers  

2:45: Functionality Marketers Should Know About

8:02: How Brands Should Start in Mobile Wallet if New

12:02: Focus Mode & Implications for Mobile Messaging  

23:20: It’s About the Consumer Experience  

27:10: What Marketers Need to Takeaway


Notes & Highlights


Mobile Wallet

  • There is more functionality in Wallet with consumers now able to scan identification cards and use at TSA. There is a movement towards replacing your wallet with Mobile Wallet. Marketers need to have a presence in Wallet to stay top-of-mind for consumers.
  • Mobile Wallet offers frictionless CRM capabilities to identify and attribute individuals with purchases.
  • Loyalty experiences can be enhanced with Mobile Wallet and these additional updates.
  • Brands should start with offers when beginning to dabble in Mobile Wallet the space.
  • We’re still in the early innings of Mobile Wallet. People are going to start using Mobile Wallet a lot. There’s opportunity for brands to have a presence in this space.



  • Apple will always unapologetically prioritize the consumer over the commercial/brand experience. Marketers need to think about what they’re sending and why now.
  • Marketers need to shift mindsets to seeing mobile as part of the great consumer experience to maximize lifetime value of consumer. Vibes’ customers see average retention rates of 97%, low churn rates, and high lifetime tenure of consumers because of the investment in mobile.
  • The days of mass messaging are over. Creating a direct, personal relationship with consumers helps brands break through clutter.


About The Speakers

Alex Campbell — Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer | Vibes

Heather Zynzcak

Alex Campbell has long been recognized as one of mobile marketing’s original pioneers, working tirelessly to educate marketers on the value of mobile as a viable discipline. A true entrepreneur at heart, Alex oversees Vibes’ innovation strategy – always looking for the next great mobile technology brands can leverage to drive deeper customer engagement and untapped revenue opportunities.


Brian Garofola — Chief Technology Officer | Vibes

Heather Zynzcak

Brian Garofola is the Chief Technology Officer and responsible for the discovery, development, and operations of the Vibes Platform, leading the Product, Engineering, IT, and Security functions at Vibes. Brian has been building SaaS products platforms for 20 years and, prior to Vibes, spent nearly a decade building solutions for every part of the automotive retail experience at CDK Global.


Liam Moroney — Vice President, Revenue Marketing | Vibes

Heather Zynzcak

Liam Moroney is the Vice President of Revenue Marketing at Vibes responsible for managing a high-growth B2B marketing team across disciplines. His extensive experience in B2B MarTech and AdTech, contributes to his high track record of building and overhauling marketing performance engines towards aggressive pipeline and revenue goals.