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Exclusive Chat with Apple Pay: How Brands Can Help Customers Shop Safely with Contactless Mobile Technology

With a higher focus on contactless everything due to the COVID-19 pandemic, brands need now more than ever to make it easy for customers to be mobile-first when things get back to normal. Which technologies are available today to help brands prioritize contactless for payment, loyalty and more, and what are the trends globally.

In our latest webinar, you will learn how marketers can leverage mobile wallet and Apple Pay to increase loyalty and grow revenue, while creating contactless in-store experiences that delight customers and are fast, secure and private.

During the webinar we'll share:

  • What consumer behaviors brands should expect post COVID-19
  • How retailers are preparing to restart business in the new post-COVID world
  • How to deliver offers and customer engagement that don't require physical contact
  • How Apple Pay and Vibes can help brands prepare for a contactless tomorrow
  • The ways you can leverage Vibes Automatic Loyalty Enrollment to effortlessly grow your loyalty programs

Alex Campbell, Co-Founder | Vibes


Stan Wilson | Apple Pay