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How New Insights in Mobile Marketing Analytics Can Help You Drive Higher Customer Acquisition

Mobile marketers spend hours, if not days per week, analyzing different elements of their marketing programs to improve results, while wasting precious hours in the process without the desired insights. But what if you could conduct simple in-depth and real-time multichannel mobile engagement reporting at scale—in half the time it takes using your current mobile analytics platform?
Vibes and MicroStrategy’s VPs of Product Marketing, Dave Panek and Vijay Anand, teamed up for a webinar to demonstrate how you can effortlessly decipher important mobile analytics that will help you drive higher customer acquisition for your brand.
In this webinar, our presenters discuss:
  • How to save time on reporting by leveraging scalable in-depth, real-time mobile engagement insights powered by Vibes and MicroStrategy
  • The various ways mobile marketers can easily analyze actionable intelligence on how consumers are moving through the buyer's journey
  • How you can gain a 360-degree view of consumer preferences and behaviors to develop highly targeted campaigns that result in additional engagement and revenue

Vijay Anand — VPs of Product Marketing | MicroStrategy

In his current role, he has led several marketing initiatives for High-Performance Business Analytics, Cloud Intelligence, and Software as a Service (SaaS) Business Intelligence (BI) offerings. He works closely with his technology team to drive product development and road-map, while also being heavily involved with a global sales team and personally keeping in touch with customers and prospects as a product spokesperson.


Dave Panek — VP Product Marketing | Vibes

A marketing executive with 25+ years martech experience in building high-performing, progressive marketing organizations that can scale. Leads the go-to-market planning at Vibes aimed at driving focused, story-based content initiatives that uniquely engage mobile customers and prospects across the journey.